We previously listed the current top 5 richest footballers in the world and their net worth that featured the likes of Christiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Lionel Messi, Rooney and Neymar. The list was not much of a surprise to many as those world professional football players are seen as the best in the sport.

Although, soccer is not the highest paying sport in the world, it remains the most popular and the most entertaining because of the fans, aura, the soccer players, clubs, leagues e.

Top 13 Hottest Football Players In The World

In this article, there are series of surprise faces in the names of the top ten highest paid footballers in the world Before we delve fully into the list of highest paid football earners in the world that was put together by 90min.

The surprise faces in the list are mostly from the Chinese league. Lionel Messi is currently the highest paid football player in Europe and in the world. The man generally regarded as the greatest ever has won everything bar a senior national team title. Ronaldo left Real Madrid after 9 years at the Santiago Bernabeu. As of today, Neymar is the one of the highest paid footballers in the world and the most expensive player in the history of the game.

Suarez is a Uruguayan international currently playing for FC Barcelona as a striker. He has won several trophies and is considered as one of the best strikers in the world. Coutinho is one of the best paid footballers in Spain and in the world and ranks 7th on our list.

The Brazilian star can be deployed as an attacking midfielder and has been in hot form since his arrival to Barcelona from Liverpool. He currently plays for Inter Milan as he is on loan from Manchester united as a forward and became the highest earner in the premier league after his transfer from Arsenal to United.

He joined his new club in June after leaving Zenit st. The Euro star left Southampton in early July and signed for the Chinese club. Muller is a curious case because you cannot exactly pinpoint a particular part of his game that stands out.

He seems to have it all, pace, shot, positioning, dribbling ability. Does the money run dry in China?People can find many attractive and stunning actors in the world. Most of the top actors have made successful career due to that they become the big star in the cinema world.

top 10 world handsome footballers 2020

The personable actor has created the own fan following them and also they are gaining high income by their committed movie. They do several fashions to get attention towards them and the actors are really catching the attention once they are in nice look. Any actors can get the attention of the many beautiful ladies with their cute smile, rugged looks and with kind eyes.

Cinema industry is having plenty of enthusiastic, talented and handsome actors. With their best acting, they have done several hit movies, by which actors have earned nicely. Some of the most handsome actors in The World in โ€” are mentioned in the below list. Salman khan has born on 27th December and he is an Indian actor as well as singer, television personality, producer and philanthropist. In his twenty-five years film career, he has received many awards that include National Film Awards and Filmfare Awards.

In India, he comes under the best and drop dead handsome actor and also he is the commercially successful actor in Indian cinema. He gained fame in the movie Thor and following movie Avengers second part, he acted as one superhero among six members. Johnny Depp is not only an American actor but also a musician and producer. His kingly look attracted most of the fans and it pushed for him to stay in the handsome list. He is considered as one of the biggest film stars in the World.

Top 10 Hottest Female Soccer Players in the world 2019-2020 | Most Beautiful Soccer Women

Depp has gained high popularity because of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean and it is commercially successful too.

He born on 13th June and he is the best American actor. His admirable look and his physical fitness are the only reason for his handsome. Mahesh Babu is the actor of Indian cinema and also the media personality, philanthropist and producer. His smartness and handsome look made every girl go crazy. He started his career in at an age of four and then he acted many films as a child artist.

He born on 18th December and he is the famous American actor and also produced. His stunning glance allowed him to get one position in the top handsome list. Brad first gained his recognition as the cowboy hitchhiker in Thelma and Louise movie in His highest commercially successful movies are Troy inMr. Smith in and World War Z in His graceful stare and the best performance in all movie attracted most of his fans.The Soccer game is one of the renowned and prestigious international sports of all time.

It is not only famous as internationally but nationally as well. Soccer players are talented with stunning athlete looks and they are popular for their sporty rugged personality. They are amazing football players with glamour and style quotient. These international soccer players have won the hearts of millions of girls all across the world. These players have a huge fan following with over whelming love and appreciation from the worldwide audience.

Their energetic sportsmanship makes them look even more sexier. Mesut Ozil is a well-known German football player considered as an extremely handsome man with sharp features. He has achieved international success from the worldwide audience. Ozil serves for two great teams, previously for Real Madrid club then he switched into Arsenal and secondly for Germany national team.

He has become a rising stardom as a footballer. James Rodrigues is a popular Colombian football player with chocolate boy look. He is a young footballer of 26, with a charming personality. He plays for one national team and one his club team i.

Colombia national team and FC Bayern Munich. He has always been recognized as the best young footballer. Sergi Roberto has that charming cute look with dashing personality. Sergi is a Spanish Footballer plays for Barcelona team.

Sergi has that twinkling eyes like a bright star. He is very popular among millions of girls. At a young age of 13, he has earned respect, fame, name, glamour, and immense success. He is a Spanasian hot, young, sexy, and adorable man, this is what Seri Roberto sums up together. Sergi is a defensive midfielder in the football ground. Gerard Pique is a Spanish footballer, a handsome hunk with charming features. Gerard plays for FC Barcelona and Spain national team.

He has been married to the popular singer and model Shakira. His marriage broke millions of heart of many girls. He plays as a defender for both the football teams. Previously, Gerard made his football debut for Manchester United inbut later he switched to Barcelona in They are celebrated, wealthy, strong, popular, and handsome.

I am talking about some of the most famous soccer players from different corners of the planet. Do you want to see our top 10 finest footballers in the world list? I bet you have already guessed his name. Football is a popular sport, millions of people from Nigeria, other African countries, Europe, Asia, Australia, America watch how soccer players compete for the World Cup and other famous competitions.

top 10 world handsome footballers 2020

He is definitely number 1. This footballer from Portugal has conquered the whole planet. Besides being a young, handsome, and wealthy man, he is also one of the most followed soccer players in the world.

Worldโ€™s Top 10 Handsome Soccer Players 2019 โ€“ 2020 | Hottest Players List

This footballer looks really good, so he deserves being on our list. The popular striker comes from the Netherlands. He is good at scoring goals, and his popularity along with fine appearance makes him a face of famous brands. Spanish blood, handsome face, finest footballer. These words describe David Villa really great. This Spanish striker is great in the field, and his elegant style makes him recognized and loved in the world of football. His goals are always impressive. Citizens of Spain and soccer fans from other countries look at David as at their idol.

They love him for his fortune and hardworking personality. Spanish footballers are really handsome. Many of them are in our selection, but each man is the finest footballer and deserves being on this list.

If you are a big fan of the world football you know Fernando as El Nino. Being tall, strong and good-looking, Fernando is a great striker who is interesting to observe during matches. His photos are also impressive, no wonder so many women are in love with him. This handsome German footballer is well known by soccer fans from different parts of the globe. Beautiful eyes, great shape, muscles, and amazing field skills being a star midfielder makes you strong and popular makes Mario an idol for many young girls and ladies.

We are sure that he has many fans who have his photograph saved as desktop wallpaper. Brazilian men are also handsome. One of them, Ricardo Kaka, is included in our selection of the top 10 finest footballers and you surely understand why, once you look at his face. Every lady would be happy to win his heart because this midfielder is attractive, strong, and successful. This Spanish footballer is one of the top 10 finest footballers in the world.

He has a great taste, nice style, and attractive appearance especially, the muscles. Originating from Spain, Cesc is an incredible midfielder.

Women and men love watching World Cup matches, and this handsome soccer player often appears at these championships. This is another fine Spanish soccer player who is loved by millions of fans and is believed to be one of the most handsome men in the world football. Iker has his unique style.

Top 10 finest footballers in the world

He dresses up really awesome since he follows the trends and fashion. Being a goalkeeper, he is also a fantastic team captain.

Playing for Porto untilhe was with Real Madridhe might be not as popular as Cristiano Ronaldo, but he is still good-looking and has millions of fans. Footballers from Argentina are also good-looking. For example, Lionel Messi is not just popular, he is a handsome soccer player who stays at forward on the field. Women are in love with his appearance and look.Most Handsome Footballers in the World? Have you ever wondered who is the most handsome Football Players in World are at the moment?

If no, worry no more because we have just compiled a list featuring the top ten most handsome footballers in the world Mats Hummels is a German footballer who plays for Borussia Dortmund, for which he is also the current captain. He has charming good looks which female leaves many female football fans asking for more. Although he is not having a good season on football pitch but Hummels has charm with his good looks over the young ladies.

Cesc Fabregas is a Spanish footballer who currently plays for Chelsea Football Club in the Premier League, Cesc is not only a good footballer but he is also one of the most handsome footballers in the world.

He is among the best playmakers in the Premier League. Besides his accurate passes and dribbles, his sexy and stylish looks makes him desire of every lady. Van Persie looks the best while adorning the suit with his hairs all slicked upwards, giving that beach-boy turned coast-guard look. Robin attracts so many people with his awesome smile and charming looks.

He occupies 8 th place in our list of Top ten most handsome footballers in the world Perhaps one of the best looking footballer in Spain is Gerrard Pique. Thanks to his blue eyes and attracting hairstyle, Gerrard Pique is ranked 7th on the list of top ten most handsome footballers in the World. Fernando has won many hearts of female soccer fans thanks to his attractive facial appearance, good hairstyle and balanced body physique.

Gotze becomes times more handsome when he puts up black suits. His swag and personality is the main reason that he is greatly admired by many female soccer lovers in the world which is why he gets 5 th place in our count down of top ten most handsome footballers in the World. When we talk about class instead of swag in football, some great names comes to our mind and lker Casillas is one of them. Casillas is tall and has a great suave to him as well.

Casillas has done a great job in guarding the area between the sticks for Real Madrid and Spain. His appealing stature makes him one of the Most Handsome football players in the World and 4 th in our countdown. Besides scoring beautiful goals, Villa also makes the list of one of the most handsome soccer players. Ricardo Kaka comes 2nd on this list. His good looks and awesome hairstyle opened doors for him in the fashion industry. Due to his appealing looks many fashion labels continue to seek for him to star in adverts and promotion.

top 10 world handsome footballers 2020

He comes at the 2rd spot in our countdown. Cristiano Ronaldo is not only a killer with his boots, but a killer with his looks as well. He is among the few footballers who continue to makes many female fans to watch football. He has never been shy from flaunting his abs and muscles as well. He looks like a model who is very good footballer. He looks like a model who just returned from a photo-shoot to play a football match for his team.World's Trending Top Most.

Late reviews show that The FIFA World Cup was the most generally seen wearing occasion with over a large portion of a billion people tuning into watch the world container finals in Brazil.

The current innovative headways have made it conceivable to watch a football coordinate in your advanced mobile or tablet and one never again needs to visit a football pitch to watch his most loved footballer. Presently gives us a chance to check down the Top ten handsome soccer players of So the players have increased a chance of winning frame and title.

At number ten in the handsome soccer players of is Asmir Begovic. Begovic is a year-old goalkeeper at Chelsea Football Club and in addition The Bosnian national group.

He shows goalkeeper gloves for the Seals Official Store. Yaya Toure makes it into the rundown of the handsome soccer players of due to his great constructed and crude vitality. Yaya Toure is renowned for a relentless style of play each time he is on the field and this doubtlessly gets the female fans off their seats.

He is additionally exceptionally modest and beneficent and this is obvious in the various philanthropy associations he keeps running in West Africa. He is a brand representative for Puma and he advances items, for example, Nissan and Airtel Africa.

Italians are known for their style and swag and Claudio Marchisio is the same. This year-old plays for Juventus Football Club and the Italian national group. Marchisio recognizes a completely developed facial hair and Italian blue eyes that are a hit with everyone of the women. A shirtless Marchisio is an incredible sight because of his completely created six-pack and etched abs.

Claudio Marchisio models for Hugo Boss fragrance. He plays as an aggressor and in the event that he is not among the objectives then he is giving the help.

Theo Walcott emerges for his pretty face and his all around inked body. He wears a shaven look and this adds to his great looks. The Greater part of his adherents via web-based networking media are ladies and this demonstrates he justifies a place among the handsome soccer players of With his great looks and excellent abs, James has won the hearts of numerous a female fans.Football players are admired for their playstyle, yet some are loved for being handsome.

Facebook and twitter prove this theory. If you are one of the fans of football players, here are the top 10 most handsome football players. Have a look and enjoy it. The year old football player was born on 22 April at GamaBrazil. He has at this time a height of 1.

Top 10 Most Handsome Football Players in The World โœ”

The year old football player was born on 2 February at BarcelonaSpain. He is enrolled with a height of 1.

top 10 world handsome footballers 2020

He is 27 years old, he was born on 4 May at Arenys de MarSpain. He has enrolled with a height of 1. He is 29 years old football star and was born in June at GliwicePoland. He is at this time having enrolled in height of 1. Lukas Podolski scored 33 goals in 88 matches for 1. He is 28 years old. He has a recorded height of 1. Olivier Giroud scored 33 goals in 73 matches for Montpellier from to He is 29 years old.

This football star was born on 5 February at Madeira, Portugal. He is enrolled having a height of 1. Cristiano Ronaldo scored 84 goals in matches for Manchester United from to He plays as an attacking midfielder for both the Germany National Team as well as FC Bayern Munchenthe attacking midfielder spotted his name in the history of football when he scored the champion in the World Cup final in Brazil in opposition to Argentina.

Mario Gotze is to a great extent admired by many female soccer fans in the world. Indeed, the person on strike did not have a very good season with Chelsea FC prior join AC Milan moving where he did not have a good spell.