Before you start this procedure, decide which software package you need and download it. As new features and software fixes become available, you must upgrade your software to use them.

You can also downgrade Junos OS to a previous release. When you connect power to the switch, it starts boots from the installed software. You upgrade Junos OS on an EX Series switch by copying a software package to your switch or another system on your local network, then use either the J-Web interface or the command-line interface CLI to install the new software package on the switch.

Finally, you reboot the switch; it boots from the upgraded software. After a successful upgrade, you should back up the new current configuration to a secondary device. You should following this procedure regardless of whether you are installing a domestic or controlled Junos OS package. It retains configuration files, and similar information, such as secure shell and host keys, from the previous version. The previous software package is preserved in a separate disk partition, and you can manually revert back to it if necessary.

If the software installation fails for any reason, such as loss of power during the installation process, the system returns to the originally active installation when you reboot. You can connect individual EX Series switches together to form one unit and manage the unit as a single device, called a Virtual Chassis. The Virtual Chassis operates as a single network entity composed of member switches.

For ease of management, a Virtual Chassis provides flexible methods to upgrade software releases. You can deploy a new software release to all member switches of a Virtual Chassis or to only a particular member switch. You can minimize disruption to network traffic by defining link aggregation groups LAGs such that the member links of each LAG reside on different line cards or on different members.

During an NSSU, the line cards and Virtual Chassis members are upgraded one at a time, so that traffic continues to flow through the other line cards or members while that line card or member is being upgraded.

Upgrading the PoE Controller Software

The automatic software download feature uses the DHCP message exchange process to download and install software packages. The DHCP clients that have been configured for automatic software download receive these messages and, when the software package name in the DHCP server message is different from that of the software package that booted the DHCP client switch, download and install the software package.

juniper ex2200 firmware

You can use an autoinstallation process to configure the software on an EX or EX switch. You can use a configuration file that is in either text format or XML format. If you want to use an XML-formatted file, you use a Junos Space platform to create the configuration file. Use the command show system storage to get details of the available space. If the space available is inadequate, use the command request system storage cleanup.

You can use this procedure to upgrade Junos OS on a single routing engine in any EX Series switch, including all switches that do not support redundant Routing Engines. This step is optional because Junos OS can also be upgraded when the software image is stored at a remote location. These instructions describe the software upgrade process for both scenarios.

Replace package with one of the following paths:.Periodically, Juniper Networks upgrades the RPS firmware and makes those upgrades available on the support site. If you issue the show redundant-power-system version command from a standalone switch, the output looks something like this:.

If you issue the show redundant-power-system version command from a Virtual Chassis, the output looks something like this:. You will upgrade the RPS from an attached switch. During the firmware upgrade, you must also connect the supplied RJ cable to the management port on the RPS and connect the other end of the RJ cable to the network where the firmware upgrade file is available via TFTP. All of the steps in this process use the CLI operational mode on the switch.

The firmware now updates, then shuts down the RPS. If the firmware upgrade was successful, the RPS resets and boots up with the upgraded image. In addition to listing the old and new firmware versions, this command shows upgrade details such as pass, fail, and file not found. Help us improve your experience. Let us know what you think. Do you have time for a two-minute survey? Maybe Later. IP Address: Related Documentation redundant-power-system show redundant-power-system network show redundant-power-system version show redundant-power-system upgrade.You can upgrade the Junos OS package on a single fixed-configuration switch or for all members of a Virtual Chassis.

To enable Rebootenter a Junos package name in the Package Location text box. If this box is checked, the switching platform will automatically reboot when the upgrade is complete. Check the box if you want the switching platform to reboot automatically when the upgrade is complete.

Type the location of the software package, or click Browse to navigate to the location. Select the check box if you want the switching platform to reboot automatically when the upgrade is complete. Help us improve your experience. Let us know what you think. Do you have time for a two-minute survey? Maybe Later. Package Location required. Specifies the username, if the server requires one. Type the username. Specifies the password, if the server requires one. Type the password. Reboot If Required.

File to Upload required. Specifies the location of the software package. Specifies that the switching platform is automatically rebooted when the upgrade is complete.Upgrading the PoE Controller Software. When you upgrade Junos OS on your switch, the new image might contain a more recent version of the PoE controller software than is currently running on the PoE controller.

You can upgrade your PoE controller software by requesting that the more recent version of the software contained in the Junos OS image be downloaded to the controller. Powered devices are not guaranteed to receive power while the new software is being downloaded to the PoE controller, a process that can take up to 10 minutes.

In addition, during the software download, some PoE operational commands, such as show poe interfacemight not show correct output. We recommend that you upgrade your PoE controller software during a regularly scheduled maintenance window.

You can execute PoE commands only on the member EX switches. Use the request session member member-id command to open a CLI session on a member switch.

Upgrading Junos OS on EX Series Switches (J-Web Procedure)

To determine whether the version of the PoE controller software supplied with Junos OS is more recent than the version of the software currently running on the PoE controller, enter the following command:.

The New PoE software upgrade available text in the output indicates that the PoE controller software is out-of-date and needs to be upgraded. For Virtual Chassis or switches with PoE line cards, the output of the show poe controller command indicates which members of a Virtual Chassis or which PoE line cards have out-of-date PoE controller software:.

In the preceding example, member 4 of the Virtual Chassis has an out-of-date PoE controller software. We recommend that all member switches of a Virtual Chassis or all line cards in a switch run the same version of the PoE controller software.

To upgrade the PoE controller software for a standalone switch with built-in PoE interfaces, enter:. To upgrade the PoE controller software on a specific Virtual Chassis member or line card on a switch, enter:. To upgrade the PoE controller software on all members of a Virtual Chassis or all line cards on a switch, enter:.

Use the show poe controller command to monitor the progress of the controller software upgrade:. The Status field is updated during the download process to show the following stages of the download:. When the software upgrade is complete, the New PoE software upgrade available text is no longer displayed for the particular FPC.

The default maximum power per port is not automatically increased as a result of the upgrade—it is still You must explicitly set the maximum power for a port to Help us improve your experience. Let us know what you think. Do you have time for a two-minute survey?

Maybe Later. Note Powered devices are not guaranteed to receive power while the new software is being downloaded to the PoE controller, a process that can take up to 10 minutes.

This topic covers:. Use 'request system firmware upgrade poe fpc-slot slot' This procedure will take around 10 minutes recommended to be performed during maintenance. Firmware upgrade initiated. Poe Upgrade takes about 10 minutes Use 'show poe controller' to get the download status.Mateusz Maszczynski is a serving international flight attendant with experience at a major Middle East and European airline.

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juniper ex2200 firmware

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Upgrading Firmware on an EX Series Redundant Power System

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EX2200 Ethernet Switch: Juniper Quality at an Entry-level Price

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