Diana is a huge fan of Korean culture. Korean dramas are some of her favorite series to watch. Here's the top 10 list of the best short Korean dramas that you can binge-watch in just one weekend!

12 Korean Web-Dramas That Will Get You Through A Drama Drought

These solid and enjoyable K-dramas are perfect for anyone who wants to take a break from some heavy long-term commitment series. These words come to mind when watching 7 First Kisses. This fantasy web drama revolves around a woman who has never had a boyfriend and celebrates her 25th birthday alone. All of a sudden, a goddess appears and gives her the opportunity to spend great time on a fantastic journey.

There, she meets seven extremely charming guys, each of whom are her potential boyfriends, but only until the first kiss. As you might have already guessed, each guy gets his own episode to spend time with the girl.

So, 7 First Kisses is a cute story with a little bit of romance, action, comedy, and melodrama. This drama is definitely for you if you want to watch a short web series that allows to see all your favorite celebrities.

But if you expect a solid storyline or solid characters, you might want to try some other drama from this list. Here are all the episodes merged into one video, all subbed and in HD quality. You might want to check out Queen of the Ring if you need a quick, cute little miniseries.

You can easily make room for this series in your busy schedule. Remember it's somewhat simplistic — the series doesn't devote much time to character development. Even though the story is predictable at times, the series is worth your attention. Queen of the Ring centers on a girl who is insecure about being ugly and believes that nobody will ever love her, especially a handsome and popular guy in her class.

But one day, the girl gets the opportunity to change the situation — her mother gives her a magic ring. It can enchant the man who puts the ring on her finger into thinking she's the most beautiful woman in the world. This beautiful story will remind you that you must accept and love yourself so that others will see the beauty inside you and will not undervalue your worth. Episodes: 12 Duration: 60 min. Sassy, Go Go also called Cheer Up! But if you want to spend your weekend watching a high school drama, prepare to give your heart to it.

The drama revolves around two dance teams at an elite boarding school that prepares their best students for the top universities. So, those who rank at the bottom of the academic barrel are left behind.

In such a competitive environment, it's almost impossible to be anything else but studying machines. Nevertheless, both crews are forced to team up. But can they make it work? There's so much pressure on the students coming from parents and teachers, not to mention the fact that both teams have always hated each other. To complicate matters, the leaders of both dance crews are slowly falling for each other! Love for a Thousand More is a super short web drama. However, you will be surprised by how such a little drama with its limited screen-time is even more engaging than some bigger series!

This fantasy drama looks promising with its plot that somehow reminds us of some other highly popular series with much longer running time: just look at an old alien and his human girlfriend in My Love from the Star, a mermaid and a regular person in The Legend of the Blue Sea, and a goblin, protector of the souls and his human bride in Goblin. Love for a Thousand More centers on the relationship of an immortal young woman who has lived for more than a thousand years and her new neighbor, a hip-hop crew leader.

The woman currently works as a love counselor, as she has many years of personal experience.Well, sometimes you get bored all over the same concept and sometimes you want to get over from your last watched drama.

If you want to break from your daily concept of drama, then you should definitely try these Web Drama or Short Dramas.

They are too short that you can finished one series within hours They have different concept from other dramas which makes you laugh a lot These dramas always bring something unique and different concept with life lessons.

You can easily watched them online. Dramas usually have 45 to 60 min per episodes, while these web dramas have 10 to 25 minutes per episodes. Usually, KPOP idols group leading the web drama series and they also captured our hearts with their charm and good looks.

For me, they are like my drama break. Sometimes, I watched them on my break period or free period on college. Can you guys imagine? My friends read books on library to find the project's topic and I am watching web series in library in front of them and they watched me like they are going to kill me with their eyes Thank God, I survived.

Whenever, I remember that time, I always laugh If you want my reviews related to web dramas than here is link web-dramas part1 and web-dramas part 2. And also splash splash love, Missing Korea and exo next door is full of comedy Well, whomever wrote it I am eternally grateful. This is a great list. Thank you so much for putting it together :relaxed:. Yes, I wrote this article I already mentioned some web series in my past post I hope it will help I was so excited about the list that I missed your links to past Web dramas.

I shall be checking those out asap. You've gone above and beyond. Thanks again :satisfied:. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

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Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. My Rating :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: What I Like Always have unique and different concept Dislike Sometimes hate to be short or want more. Kissasian Myasiantv :clapper: :tv: :clapper: :tv: :clapper:. Likes Comments Like Funlake Dema.Over recent years, web dramas have been all the rage among younger generations in Korea, receiving love for their fast-paced storylines and more approachable episode length.

i am korean web drama

The casts are made up of fresh faces, giving exposure to the hidden talents of rookie actors and often leading to their success in television and film, as well. Even if you have not watched a web drama yet, it is easy to get started with English-subbed videos that are easily accessible through YouTube or V Live. It has also played a large part in leading the recent web drama boom. The fourth season is set to premiere in June.

This web drama shows high school classmates reuniting as adults and looking back at their innocence as high schoolers when they experienced romance for the first time. The drama is bound to keep you watching with the romance and friendships of the unique characters and a good mix of emotions and comedy.

The entire main cast will be returning with some new faces for the second season, which is set to premiere in April. The common concept throughout the series is that the two leads are best friends that also develop romantic feelings for each other. This hilarious drama shows the main characters struggling with a variety of very difficult coworkers but also captures blooming office romance. Exaggerated characters provide comedic relief, but the drama still remains relatable with its everyday situations.

The third season premiered recently on February Which web drama are you most excited to check out? Let us know in the comments below! Latest Trending Popular Breaking. Community Forums Apps Viki. Start the first season here: Which web drama are you most excited to check out? Soompi Spotlight. Love Playlist. How does this article make you feel?Bite-sized episodes, fast-paced storytelling and the biggest celebrities in Korea?

As a result, Korean web series enjoy high production value and big names in both cast and crew, making them competitive with the best films and full-length dramas. But with so many web series bursting onto the scene in the past few years, which ones should you watch to start? And, as you learners might be wondering, how can watching a web series help you improve your Korean?

Web series are also generally distributed exclusively online, making them easy to legally access from anywhere in the world for free or cheap.

Drama and Show Reviews & Recommendations

One web series episode generally runs for around minutes. This is a far less intimidating listening task for a Korean learner than a minute film or traditional drama, which has around an average of 16 episodes that can run anywhere from minutes per episode.

How much do you know about Korean drinking etiquette? What should you do if you see your idol shopping in Gangnam? Traveling to Korea for the first time can be very daunting, so why not familiarize yourself with Korean cultural norms in the most fun way possible? Subtitles can be an excellent learning aidbut depending on your ability level, web series are an excellent place to fire up your listening skills and start watching Korean shows without them. Check out this great article to improve your note-taking skills.

You can take different kinds of notes depending on your focus and motivation for learning Korean. Do you want effective communication skills? Focus your notes primarily on understanding and interpreting the content and dialogue of the web series episodes.

FluentU makes it possible to learn with K-pop videos, funny commercials, entertaining web series and more. All you have to do is choose any video that strikes your fancy to get started! Each word in the interactive captions comes with a definition, audio, image, example sentences and more.

Access a complete interactive transcript of every video under the Dialogue tab, and easily review words and phrases from the video under Vocab. The best part? You can try FluentU for free! Start using FluentU today on the website or download the app for iOS and Android devices to take your learning on the go.Watch Now.

Yoon Yoo Seul Kim So Hyunwho is under the pressure of her mom, is an aspiring pianist who goes blind in a tragic accident. Starring the EXO members along with Moon Ga Youngthis web drama tells the tale of a girl whose favorite group just so happens to move in next door. On a random fateful day, he meets Yoo YI Ryeong Jin Se Yeonwho lives in the countryside in the middle of nowhere with her grandmother.

Wanting Yi Ryeong to sign a contract with his company, Se Hoon sets out to win her over and in the process discovers that his feelings for her run far more deeper than business. Although they are initially quick to turn each other down and find each other more annoying than anything, their feelings for each other grow intense and strong.

Make sure you check it out to find out! As he spends the week in the same guesthouse as Ji Ho, he finds that he is drawn to her cheerful personality. P plays Woo Hyun, an aspiring filmmaker who starts conversing with a Japanese woman named Haruka Ueno Juri through a mobile messaging app.

Although they are not communicating in the same language, they are able to understand what the other is saying through translations. The story is like a fairy-tale dream come true as it follows two friends, who previously attended middle school together, meeting again in college. Although the two have been apart for awhile, they rekindle their friendship and find themselves in a whirlwind of a romance. This drama was way too short. I know, right? Enough said. Hey Soompiers, what are your favorite web-dramas?

Let me know in the comments below! Latest Trending Popular Breaking. Community Forums Apps Viki.

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Soompi Spotlight. Love Cells. EXO Next Door. Secret Message. Page Turner. Gogh the Starry Night.We compiled a good long list of korean web dramas that we have watched so that you will be able to find something interesting to watch.

Hong Yeon realised the reason why Jung Hae Jin dated her. The reason why Seo Bo Na did this to Hong Yeon was because she was angry and unhappy that Hong Yeon dated someone she liked when she was in middle school. She wanted Hong Yeon to taste the feeling of being dumped by someone after liking that someone. Jung Hae Jin dumped Hong Yeon and the whole school knew about it. They criticised her and spread a lot of false rumours in the school about her. Hong Yeon is a girl who likes to do live videos.

She usually does live videos with her guy friend Moon Ye Chan and they usually like to tease each other. Jung Hae Jin managed to save her from this embarrassment by siding with her and from then they become boyfriend and girlfriend. Yoon Sol kissed someone after she was drunk and she really liked the kiss. She wanted to know who kissed her but she cannot remember who kissed her. She decided to find out who kissed her using what she can remember on the night of her kiss.

Click here for my own review. In order to continue the contract with the company, Kim Byul will have to go on an idol dating show with famous idol, Hang Jung Woo.

However, she is unable to go on the dating show as she has a phobia of being in front of cameras. Her manager and she did not know what they could do. They decided to ask Jung Da Eun for a favour by asking her to go on the dating show in place of Byul. They exchanged their lives for one week and they managed to find someone they love while they exchanged lives. Soul Plate only allows people who are invited to dine in and they will cook food that has special meaning to each individual who came to dine and bring back their good memories.

After an accident, Ra Hee suffers from amnesia.But what exactly is the difference between web dramas and the regular dramas we are all used to? While traditional dramas are broadcast first on television, and then made available online, web dramas are only available online. While that difference seems obvious, another key difference is the length. A traditional drama episode will usually fall in between 45 minutes to over an hour in length, while a web drama will tend to have shorter episodes usually anywhere from under 10 minutes to 25 minutes per episode.

To me, watching web dramas is like snacking. On the go? Dip your feet into the web drama pool with some of these suggestions! A must watch! Standing in the way? She, of course, uses these powers for good by helping out the police and gets entangled in a mysterious plot. What about you? How will he atone? P and the Japanese Haruka Juri Uenoboth scarred by their own romantic experiences, slowly find love with each other.

Ahhhh, the sweetness! This heartwarming episode Taiwanese web drama is about six friends living under one roof and the complex but cute! I will just have to live my life vicariously through this drama! If you and your friends like to do incredibly silly things together, this is the drama for you. Dedicated to completing missions before the end of the semester, these missions range in levels of absurdity. And, who knows? Maybe you and your friends will be inspired enough to create your own missions!

It leaves his body, gets eaten by his cat Navi, turns into a human woman Kim Yoo Jung! Favorite genres include wuxia, historicals, and fantasy. Latest Trending Popular Breaking. Community Forums Apps Viki. Splash Splash Love.

i am korean web drama

Detective Sweet. Le Jun Kai. Go Princess Go. Secret Message. Happy Together. After School: Lucky or Not. Love Cells. Kim Yoo Jung.