The District was established on February 21,with the division of the state into an Eastern and Western District.

The first federal judge in Texas was John C. Watrous, who was appointed on May 26,and had previously served as Attorney General of the Republic of Texas.

He was assigned to hold court in Galvestonat the time, the largest city in the state. As seat of the Texas Judicial District, the Galveston court had jurisdiction over the whole state. The Eastern District of Texas currently hears the most patent cases in the country and has seen an increase in the number of cases filed relating to patent infringementnotably in the courts of Judge T.

PayneJohn Love and K. Nicole Mitchell. Perhaps because the district has a set of local rules for patent cases and relatively fast trial settings, patent plaintiffs have flocked to this small venue. In addition the proximity to larger cities such as Dallas and Houstonalong with a jury pool interested in protecting property rights, may attract patent cases to Marshall, Tyler, and Texarkana.

Inthere were 14 patent cases filed. Inthis number more than quadrupled to 59 patent cases filed. Inthe number of cases grew to an estimated Between and the district presided over TiVo Inc.

EchoStar Corp. In Judge Leonard Davis, of the U. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, ordered a permanent injunction that "prohibits Microsoft from selling or importing to the United States any Microsoft Word products that have the capability of opening.

XML. In Judges in this district have been found to grant requests for summary judgment of invalidity at a lower rate than the national average.

In1, patent suits in the U. Ina staggering Department of Labor from implementing new overtime exemption rules issued in May of this year that were set to go into effect on December 1. The action was in a case brought by the attorneys general of 22 states, and also saw amicus briefs from numerous third parties interested in the issue. While the order is not a final one - as your O'Connor's tells you a preliminary injunction is followed by a permanent injunction which is decided under a different standard - the order of denial is immediately appealable to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and after that potentially to the U.

Supreme Court. There are also numerous variables depending on what Congress or the incoming administration decides to do on this issue. Posted by Michael C. Intersil Corp. The Court also ruled on the plaintiff's request for enhanced damages under Section based on the willful infringement finding and for "exceptional case" status under Section In language reminiscent of Judges Yeakel and Costa rejecting claims after defense wins at trial, Judge Schell agreed with the defendant that even though the jury rejected its noninfringement and invalidity arguments, the defenses were not objectively unreasonable.

This finding defeated objective willfulness and thus enhanced damages under For purposes, the Court concluded that the plaintiff had not carried its burden to show that the case was "exceptional" for purposes, and denied the request for attorneys fees.

Eastern District juries have returned a couple more patent verdicts in the past week. The case went to trial after Judge Mazzant denied the pending motion, finding that the claims didn't run afoul of Alice.

Meanwhile, over in Tyler in Judge Schroeder's court a jury was passing on damages only with respect to some claims since infringement was found by a prior jury and that finding was affirmed by the Federal Circuit, and infringement and damages with respect to some newer claims.

Working out of our Sherman office today a true Texas office, with pickup, flags, and "everything's bigger in Texas" firm sign before Judge Amos Mazzant's investiture across the street at the Paul Brown Courthouse this afternoon.

In re MandelE. BRCV Following more than three years of bankruptcy proceedings, the bankruptcy court approved a proposed settlement agreement between the bankruptcy trustee on behalf of the bankruptcy estate with two claimants against the estate.

Another claimant appealed the order to district court, asserting that the bankruptcy court erred in approving the trustee's proposed settlement when the trustee offered no evidence in support of the settlement at the hearing there was alleged to be evidence in the record from previous proceedings, and to be fair - they did hand up a notebook and in approving the settlement under the applicable factors. Judge Clark began by noting that the bankruptcy court's findings of fact were reviewed under the clearly erroneous standard and its conclusions of law de novowith its decision to approve the settlement reviewed under an abuse of discretion standard.

After reviewing the underlying facts, the Court concluded that the bankruptcy court did not abuse its discretion in approving the settlement despite the fact that evidence was not offered at the hearing, noting that the case already had more than 1, entries on its docket sheet, and the bankruptcy court had already held a lengthy trial on contested claims in the case.

At the hearing on the settlement agreement, the trustee requested that the Court take notice of the record, and no party objected to the Court relying on that prior evidence presented to it as the basis for its determination of the settlement agreement — in fact counsel for the objecting claimant was the only counsel to appear by phone rather than in person, and did not offer any evidence or witnesses in opposition to the settlement agreement.

With respect to whether the bankruptcy court abused its discretion in approving the settlement under the relevant factors, the Court concluded that after reviewing the lengthy record, considering the bankruptcy court's wealth of experience with the parties to the appeal and to the settlement agreement, the Court could not say that the bankruptcy court abused its discretion in approving the settlement agreement under the applicable factors. Last Friday a jury in U. District Judge Richard Schell's court in Plano back when he was an active judge rendered a verdict in favor of the plaintiff in a complex intellectual property case, Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions v.

After being instructed as a matter of law that the defendant retained confidential information in breach of a confidentiality agreement, the jury found one dollar in nominal damages attributable to the retention of that information, and that the defendant had failed to comply with the confidentiality agreement.

You might want to resharpen your pencils now. This was a long verdict form. The jury found that all four of the accused products infringed all six asserted claims of the patent in suit, and that the defendant had not proven by clear and convincing evidence that any of the claims were invalid due to obviousness, for failure to satisfy the written description requirement, or for failing to contain a sufficiently full and clear description of how to make and use the full scope of the claimed invention.These local rules shall be construed as consistent with Acts of Congress and rules of practice and procedure prescribed by the Supreme Court of the United States and the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

Judges may opt out of this rule by entering an order. The clerk may require that petitions for a writ of habeas corpus and motions filed pursuant to 28 U. See 28 U. There is no filing fee for Section motions filed by prisoners in federal custody.

Absent leave of court, 28 U. Replies and sur-replies, along with all other motions and responses thereto, shall not exceed fifteen pages in length in non-death penalty cases and thirty pages in length in death penalty cases, excluding attachments.

Real-Time Diplomacy Politics and Power in the Social Media Era

Documents that exceed ten pages in length must include a table of contents and table of authorities, with page references. Tables and certificates of service and conference are not counted against the applicable page limit. Absent leave of court, complaints and the initial responsive pleadings thereto filed in civil rights proceedings shall not exceed thirty pages, excluding attachments.

Tables and certificates of service and conference shall not counted against the applicable page limit. If service of summons is not waived, the plaintiff must prepare and submit a summons to the clerk for each defendant to be served with a copy of the complaint.

The clerk is required to collect the filing fee authorized by federal statute before accepting a complaint for filing. This procedure seeks to ensure that accurate computer party name searches can later be performed. The party requesting service is responsible for preparing all process forms to be supplied by the clerk.

When process is to be served by the United States Marshal, the party seeking service shall complete the required U. Marshal Form Except as expressly provided or in exceptional circumstances preventing a Filing User from filing electronically, all documents filed with the court shall be electronically filed in compliance with the following procedures.

The following are exempted from the requirement of electronic filing:. A In a criminal case, the charging documents, including the complaint, information, indictment, and any superseding indictment; affidavits in support of search and arrest warrants, pen registers, trap and trace requests, wiretaps, and other related documentation; and ex parte documents filed in connection with ongoing criminal investigations.

C Official administrative records or transcripts of prior court or administrative proceedings from other courts or agencies that are required to be filed by law, rule, or local rule; and. D Sealed civil complaints these documents should be filed with the clerk along with a motion to seal the case pursuant to submission instructions provided by the clerk's office. Registration as a Filing User constitutes consent to electronic service of all documents as provided in these rules in accordance with the Federal Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure.

The clerk shall provide Filing Users with a user login and password once registration is completed. Filing Users agree to protect the security of their passwords and immediately notify the clerk if they learn that their password has been compromised. After registration, attorneys are required to maintain their own account information, including changes in e-mail address. Documents sent from the court will be deemed delivered if sent to the last known e-mail address given to the court.

B With court permission, a pro se litigant may register as a Filing User in the Electronic Filing System solely for purposes of the action.

C A Filing User may apply to the court for permission to withdraw from participation in the Electronic Filing System for good cause shown. A Electronic transmission of a document to the Electronic Filing System consistent with these rules, together with the transmission of a Notice of Electronic Filing from the court, constitutes filing of the document for all purposes and constitutes entry of the document on the docket kept by the clerk. Receipt by the filing party of a Notice of Electronic Filing from the court is proof of service of the document on all counsel who are deemed to have consented to electronic service.

B When a document has been filed electronically, the official record is the electronic recording of the document as stored by the court, and the filing party is bound by the document as filed.The judges, court clerks, local political and business leaders know us well, both for our legal results and our community activities. Of course, the same connections exist for cases in our Grayson County state courts.

Whether your case is in Grayson County District Court or in the Sherman Division of the Eastern District of Texas, our firm provides an extensive net works of contacts from clerks to late night pizza, with convenient office space near all the courts. Sanders, Motley, Young and Gallardo can provide small town local co-counsel with a level of sophistication and technology which may be surprising.

Our senior partner, Roger Sanders, served as a federal magistrate judge in the Sherman Division for 14 years. He has co-chaired the two most recent magistrate selection committees.

He has also worked tirelessly with both state and federal officials for the Sherman Division benches to be served by local judges, and to seek more United States District Judges for the entire Eastern District, one of the fastest growing in the United States. Our other attorneys also have extensive experience in the Eastern District of Texas.

He is also president of the Grayson County Bar Association.

United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas

Laura Gallardo has extensive experience in handling voluminous and complex e-discovery matters. Luke Motley routinely serves as local counsel, also. It adds up to a strong federal connection. The Sherman Division of the Eastern District of Texas is experiencing rapid growth; its civil docket is three times the national average.

The division includes some of the fastest growing counties in the country, including Collin, Denton, and Grayson. Our boundaries contain several national company headquarters, most notably including Toyota, with its several thousand employees.

Our courts, the courts of the Sherman Division, supply those companies with access to the historic primary court house in Sherman and to a second, more recently constructed federal courthouse in Plano. All Sherman Division cases are split equally between those two. And while the Sherman and Plano courts are not geographically far from Dallas, you may find that the judicial distance in custom, courtesies, local rules, and jury panels differ significantly from those of the Dallas Division of the Northern District.

Over the past several years, we have served as local counsel in antitrust, qui tam, insurance, trade secret, patent, breach of contract, fraud, ERISA, estate and serious personal injury cases. Our roles are tailored to meet the needs of the client and lead counsel.

While we focus on the practice of law, we recognize gratefully the honor of serving both our profession and our community. We have led the way in Bar Association service and in direct outreach to the less advantaged. Each year, we have raised thousands of dollars for the Four Rivers Outreach and the Grand Central Station soup kitchen, totaling so far more than 50, meals for the homeless.

Sanders Park Contact Travis Street Sherman, Texas Federal Local Counsel. Our ties throughout the Sherman Division run deep, including: Roger Sanders was a federal magistrate judge in the Sherman Division for more than a decade.

Divisions and Offices

She routinely manages hundreds of thousands of documents in document-intensive cases. Gallardo has strong ties to the community having graduated from Sherman High School as well as attending the well-respected Austin College.

Luke Motley has solid experience in strategic planning for business growth and protection of assets. He served as president and CEO of Hunter Buildings of Houston, serving international construction and refinery markets.

Motley is effective as a trial lawyer and a certified mediator routinely appointed by local judges. Motley is active in the local community hosting a long running fundraiser benefiting local charities and a member of the First Methodist Church of Sherman. Motley, Young, and Sanders have also taught business law and organizations at Austin College.Mattice, Jr. In re: Reassignment of Cases to Visiting Judges. In re: Electronic Filing of Documents.

In re: United States v. Davis Cases. In re: Case Reassignments, Judge Corker. In re: Section b of the First Step Act of In re: Section of the First Step Act. Assignment of Election-Related Filings. In re: Zone A Immigration Cases. In re: Sessions v.

Local Rules and Orders

Dimaya Cases. Clifford Shirley. Bruce Guyton. Appointment of Debra C. Poplin, U.

eastern district of texas sherman division local rules

Magistrate Judge. Encryption of Electronic Materials. Appointment of Nancy S. Harr as United States Attorney. RE: Electronic Filing of Documents. Allan Edgar. In re: Johnson v. United States. Special Conditions of Supervised Release. Appointment of Magistrate Judge Clifton L. Consents to Magistrate Judge. Amendment to Sentencing Guidelines. Referral of Social Security Cases. Assignment of Death Penalty Cases. Increase in Attorney Admissions Fee.

Fair Sentencing Act Cases. Revision to Collateral Forfeiture Schedule for U. Reappointment of Magistrate Judge Lee. Crack Retroactivity Cases standing order. Reappointment of Magistrate Judge Inman. Reappointment of Magistrate Judge Guyton.For instructions on how to file a proof of claim or obtain further information about this case please visit www. Click here for more details. The Clerk's office is open daily from 8am to pm.

This website is dedicated to serving the public and the legal community with easy access to rules, forms, and other helpful information to assist in the efficient administration of the bankruptcy process.

Jason K. Your feedback is important to us, it helps to ensure we are providing excellent service. If we have done an extraordinary job, or you feel an area needs improvement, please click on the feedback link to share your comments. Scheduled maintenance of our servers occurs between the hours of AM and Noon every Saturday.

Users may experience brief service outages during this maintenance window. Information about case - Nuvectra Corporation For instructions on how to file a proof of claim or obtain further information about this case please visit www.

File a Claim. Court Locations Beaumont. Other Court Locations. Feedback Your feedback is important to us, it helps to ensure we are providing excellent service. Judge's Docket. In presenting certificates of disinterestedness for employment applications, one should note that the employment standards for a professional under Emergency Filing Procedures.

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eastern district of texas sherman division local rules

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eastern district of texas sherman division local rules