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Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply After over two years go by with almost no sign, and there are those that think he is dead. But then a horse, the horse that disappeared with him, finds its way back to Rivendell. Does this mean Elrond has returned? If so, what happened to him? Can the twins lead Rivendell without him and still have hope they will find him one day? Lord of Vamag. This is the tale of some four thousand years, stretching from the island of Numenor to the red sands of the South and into the shadows of the uttermost East.

Based on the books and the MERP. Not every year, but often enough. There, he meets a human boy with a mysterious past and a heavy mantle, but he isn't bothered. After all, Legolas nearly died eighty-two years ago, and since then, he has been living on borrowed time.

A tale of first meetings, deceit, and friendship. Ten they ll be by Chiara Meldis reviews There is nothing to discuss, the Fellowship of the ring is good as it is.

Nevertheless, what about a Fellowship of ten. What if, Faramir joined the party as well. Would that have made any difference? This book focus on Faramir and Boromir and the adventures of the remaining Fellowship will not change at all. Only the fate of Boromir will be an other because Faramir is at his side. Ten companions, so be it! What if Faramir was there also? Rated T just to be safe and sorry for the poor title, I was really running out of ideas, I'm afraid Ada, Make It Go Away!

During Elrond's absence, Estel falls seriously sick. Glorfindel does what he can to comfort him but Estel is getting worse by the hour! He needs his father! Will Elrond reach Rivendell in time to save his child's life, or will he be too late? Child of the White Tree by the8horcrux reviews Arawin, a seventeen year old girl living in a small village in Rohan, never suspected that the darkness would reach her. But it did, and now her town is all but destroyed.

Now she and her little sister must deliver a message to King Theoden about its fate. Along the way, she discovers that her heritage is much more complicated than she knew. Formerly Maidens of Rohan. It takes place between the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Rated T for some rather graphic chapters later on, but no cursing.

Walking towards the sun by DivineHazex reviews Not long before the Fellowship arrives in Lothlorien another arrives confused and dazed.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Home Community General Creepypasta Archive. Creepypasta Archive. Focus: General All Categories, Since: Founder: A Scribbler - Stories: 28 - Followers: 0 - id: A place where all things related to Creepypasta can be uploaded since there is no catagory for it. If it's a monster, killer, spirit or even an OC, it's welcome here!

I personally am not a member of Creepypasta and don't own anything by them, I'm just putting this together for those who've written a fanfic for them and don't know where to put it. Tell me what you think, eh? Belladonna Blooms by Destiny Cera A written version of my comic that I'm doing based on the creepypastas.

If this is not where it belongs, please tell me and I'll fix that. She loved her and she loved her back. And like any best friends would, Sierra will surely do anything for her friend's life. But what if an entity that happened to be the leader of a group of supernatural serial killers use her loyalty? Behind Closed Doors 3 by A Scribbler reviews So things ended on kind of a high note after the last adventure.

Slender destroyed Zalgo, Jack returned home with the other Proxies and Jane is gone. Or is she? Some people return as ghosts in this world if enough Sickness is in their system But if Jane is back then she's going to be very angry, how can you kill what's already dead? It seems there's no rest for the Proxies! Have a blast with this collection of horribly hilarious Christmas songs featuring your favorite Creepypastas! Updates every December, suggestions for songs encouraged.

Adventures with the Pastas CreepyPasta FanFic by PureHope reviews There you are, reading a spooky story on the internet, when you hear a loud noise. What do you do? Go on crazy and scary adventures with a whole bunch of CreepyPasta characters, like what I did. And discovered that I may have more connections with them than I had thought Rated T for language and violence.

On hold because of some writers block. If you have ideas, let me know! The title pretty much explains. The pastas will go on a series of adventures where anything is possible. There will be new relationships and of course heart breaks with the most unlikely pastas. There of course will be violence and blood shed.

There is just so much that happens, I can't really summarize!

bts sneezefic

Behind Closed Doors 2 by A Scribbler reviews Things are still unbalanced after the last adventure with Slender's proxies, and they are not going to be improving anytime soon. People are still missing, offers have yet to be made and revenge is near.

Safety is a lie and the secrets go deeper than expected. Can balance be restored in time? Or will the Sickness consume everyone in the end?The daily commute can be a tedious ritual, but one man's journey into work was made memorable by a hilarious episode this week.

Jamie Susskind, a barrister from Londonwas on a packed underground train when he noticed a teenager was about to let out a sneeze - and shared the chain of events that ensued before the youngster finally let it out. Or rather, quite the opposite. Jamie was transfixed as the unfortunate teen, eyes streaming, clamped his mouth closed and 'took the full brunt of the sneeze internally', to avoid showering his fellow passengers with 'nasal debris'.

The force caused him to hit his head on the train doors and let out a high pitched squeak. Jamie, who said he'd remember the scenes for the 'rest of his life', decided to document the tale on social media in an homage to his 'morning hero'.

bts sneezefic

Barrister Jamie Susskind, from London, tweeted about his hilarious journey into work. The unnamed teenager was trapped on a packed tube train and couldn't even move his arms to cover his nose when the sneeze came out, Jamie explained.

He tweeted: 'For a moment I wonder if he might be able to suppress it. He's trying his best. He's doing everything he can. Like a gathering storm, the sneeze cannot be resisted. It is a force of nature. When the moment finally came and the sneeze had to come out, the teenager was almost knocked out by the force of it.

Jamie had been on a packed tube train during rush hour when hilarity ensued between the passengers. He noticed that one of the other passengers needed to sneeze but couldn't move his arms so was trying to suppress it. Jamie continued: 'I can still see it in slow motion. It begins as a sort of spasm deep down inside the guy, an irrepressible wave of energy building from his abdomen, spreading up through his chest and neck, rushing to burst out through his nose.

His eyes are closed. In the same second, the people surrounding him begin instinctively to recoil. But instead of soaking the passengers who had the misfortune to be near the teenager, he managed to suppress the sneeze - with devastating effects.A one-shot for a Percy and Annabeth pairing thing.

It's based off a much older fan fiction I read a while back. Lulu, you'll get this. I might even post a drawing for this but I dunno. S In this universe Percy is secretly zeo ranger 1 pink. And Annabeth is actually apart of the justice league. Thalia walked in nonchalantly. She was dressed up a bit, wearing some make-up. She smiled at me in that convincing way that made me mad.

She probably wanted to talk about Annabeth and I. We were dating. With that, my cousin turned and walked away, throwing one more evil glance in my direction. Of course, over the six years I'd known Annabeth she'd grown up nicely until she blossomed into a fine young lady.

Her mind was as sharp as always and she was still quite witty. Her attitude had changed a little. She'd starting wearing jewellery after a while. I had found out first-hand why you should never mess with a teen girl when she's on her period. Growing up had been tough on the both of us. Especially when you have an advantage with your mother being the goddess of wisdom and what not.

But, being the brave young soldier she was, she got through it with a smile on her face. Often times, Annabeth would come to me in tears begging for me to listen to some story about getting hurt by a boy or broken up with.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I had to admit, I was really jealous of all those boys that had ever dated her. Annabeth used to just be pretty but now she was getting seriously beautiful.

Just the though of her sent my heart beating. And a Party with her friends? That couldn't be good.

sneeze fanfic

It never was. I always had to help her through the hard times. I recalled an event that had happened a few weeks ago.Wesley looked up from the parchment spread across his desk, then pushed his glasses back up his nose, then gave his nose a quick rub with the back of his hand. The snff most pleasant as far as I'm snff concerned. Where I usually am, from eight in the morning until noon, barring snff!

(방탄소년단/防弾少年団) BTS V Cute Sleeping Moments Kpop [VGK]

That being, of course, business as usual for us. Apparently satisfied at the amount of disinfectant he'd used, Angel started rubbing the jamb with a piece of paper towel. For you. But what if you had lungs the size of lima beans, huh? I'm talking about you, coming in here, shedding germs all over where my son is gonna be Angel advanced, spraying the Lysol at Wesley as he came. Go home. Don't touch anything!

Cordy looked over her shoulder. Angel squirted the Lysol at Wesley one last time, spurring a louder Eishhoo! But you're just going to make him sneeze more, and Are you all right? I'm f-fine. His expression softened when Wesley sniffled wetly and rubbed his nose.

bts sneezefic

Giles wants you to leave work, too. And we all know he's the dominant partner. A little overwhelmed by both his co-workers who never seemed to act anywhere close to respectful when his boyfriend was around, making it rather difficult to convince Giles that working for Angel was worth it and his partner paying such close attention to him, Wesley pulled away from the desk a few inches.

The longer they watched him, the more he felt as if he needed to sniffle; however, the more he sniffled, as softly and quietly, as he could, the more his runny nose tickled. That's not slight anything," Cordelia said. Or don't tell him, just take him away. Giles's hand stilled, and Wes could imagine his face tightening, but his voice was soft and gentle as he murmured.

We're going. You can run along and sterilize your clothes; I can find my way out. Which books do you need most, Wesley?While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply".

Anyone would know. And it was only natural that of all the people, it would be Seokjin who would both freak out and worry to death when one fine morning he was waking everyone up, only to find Taehyung with red, runny nose, ugly coughing, and his comforter wrapped tightly around his shivering body. Seokjin wanted to freak out so much because any of his friends being sick — Taehyung being sick — was not good at all. He was unsure only for about half a minute whether Taehyung was awake or not.

But instead of freaking out, Seokjin stayed calm and collected. Taehyung struggled for a while to free his hand from the comforter and immediately patted his temple. When Taehyung was done, he seemed even more miserable than before. Seokjin wanted to cuddle him. It will help you get rid of the headache and sore throat.

To say that Seokjin was worried was an understatement. Besides, Yoongi had his work too, and Jungkook had some important performance. Of course, Seokjin would never ask him to skip it. Seokjin had left him half an hour ago, saying that he had called Hoseok and the boy agreed to come and watch him.

At first it made Taehyung excited, but he could keep the excitement going only for a few minutes. Before Seokjin had to leave, the older tried to cheer him up. Now, Taehyung was lying comfortably on the couch in the living room. His new favourite toy — a bull plushie he got from Jungkook for his birthday, named Mr. Toro — in his tight grip. Dirty tissues were both in the bin and on the floor. He felt sleepy too, but it was always difficult for him to fall asleep when he was upset.

Having a pacifier would help but Seokjin forgot to give it to him. All he could do was just lie, with his eyes closed, clutching Mr. Toro tightly to his chest, and hoping that soon sleep would finally come to him.

Taehyung groaned quietly, hiding his face in his pillow. He shut his eyes tightly and waited for the others to come to the living room. He hoped that once they would realize he was almost sleeping, they would keep quiet.

Commuter tweets hilarious story of a passenger sneezing

And, just as he predicted, when Namjoon entered the room and saw Taehyung laying still on the couch, he whispered to the other two, who were about to argue about God knows what. To want to sleep was one thing. But to try to sleep and fail for half an hour, hearing voices coming from the kitchen and realizing that his hyungs were having fun without him was something completely different. Still unwell, tired and simply badbut not sleepy.

What He Wanted

Taehyung groaned when he felt his headache coming back, and with a pout on his lips, Taehyung threw the comforter of himself. Taehyung shook his head, making his way to Hoseok. The older boy smiled brightly when Taehyung sat down on his lap, snuggling closer to him.