Boot lid badge with brushed aluminium finish for Alpina cars Original. Mini emergency metric tool kit for Euro cars high quality. Stripe decal set for 7 series Mtech. Front bumper for E Fog light set for E38 Petrol cars. Front spoiler for E38 Alpina. Gloss wood gear shift knob for BMW Alpina cars push on mounted. Leather gear shift knob for BMW Alpina cars push on mounted. Matte wood gear shift knob for BMW Alpina cars push on mounted. Euro front licence plate holder for E Front bumper side trim set for E38 with PDC.

Front bumper upper chrome trim for E38 with washers. Front bumper upper shadowline trim for E38 without washers. Front hood badge. Rear bumper side trim set for E38 with PDC. Amber turn indicator set for E38 Late model. Clear turn indicator set for E38 Early model. Clear turn indicator set for E38 Late model. Smoked turn indicator set for E38 Early model. Wheel center badges from plexiglas for Alpina wheels Original.

NOS spare wheel for e34 m5 M System wheels throwing stars turbines Stainless steel valve set for alloy wheels. Log in Remember me.The fastest saloon car of it's time our B12 is reputably the highest spec'd of them all. Super rare in RHD there were just 7 produced. Coming with a full service history this car wants for nothing.

It is offered for sale having just had a full inspection 2 service and is in mint turn key condition. The list of extras on this 7 series is comprehensive and is present alongside an exhaustive history folder which contains receipts and info for everything done to the car over the past 20 years. Your cart. Close Cart. BMW Alpina B12 6. Tax included. Shipping calculated at checkout. Add to Cart.

Having previously released the 5. The v12 was enlarged to 6 litres which produces bhp and nm of torque at 4,rpm. Performance is blistering. The top speed is in excess of mph. The car features Alpina's pioneering E-Kat, an electrically heated catalytic converter which improved the control of the exhaust emissions during the engine's warm up phase.

The E-cat named was dropped form the title and badges for 6 litre. It was finished off with a delicious quad exhaust system.

bmw e38 alpina

Externally other body modifications were subtle. If selected the optional Alpina pinstripes added an extra dimension to the appearance. The same five speed ZF 5HP30 automatic gearbox was used with Switch-Tronic steering wheel control alongside a lower final drive. In the e38 received a facelift meaning that the new 6.

There were just 94 6.With an enhanced drivetrain, thoroughly revised design as well as state-of-the-art driver assistance and connectivity systems, the new BMW ALPINA B7 is ready to please the most discerning customers. The latest generation 4.

Both the front, characterized by a demanding BMW kidney grill and subtle free-floating ALPINA lettering, and the rear, with polished stainless steel tailpipes and diffusor, underline the breathtaking performance potential of this luxury super saloon. ALPINA styling and aerodynamic elements and iconic wheels integrate seamlessly to create an elegant and exclusive appearance. An extensive range of standard equipment ensures the very highest level of well-being and comfort.

Electronically adjustable dampers, two-axle air suspension with automatic self-levelling, active roll stabilization and rear-axle steering deliver unmatched levels of accuracy and agility in the luxury super saloon segment. Depending on your country, vehicle related taxes or other duties may be based on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions data which differs from that shown here.

Determined on the basis of the measured CO2 emissions taking into account the mass of the vehicle. Home B7 Highlights.

bmw e38 alpina

Power, Dynamics and Luxury in a new contemporary Design. Efficiency-Class Determined on the basis of the measured CO2 emissions taking into account the mass of the vehicle.Over the years, Alpina has carefully cultivated a reputation of perfecting BMWs to tread the line between sophistication, subtilty and outright performance. The B12 6. Debuted at the Geneva Motor Show to replace the 5. For devouring swaths of autobahn in a single jaunt, there could be no better automobile.

This B12 6. Boasting full-leather upholstery in black with Alpina detailing and special Alpina Dunkelsaphirblau metallic paint and contrasting gold Alpina pinstripes, it oozes German sophistication throughout.

Its accompanying Japanese Export Certificate shows it was exported from Japan inwhen it was purchased by the consignor and imported to Switzerland showing 65, km on its odometer at the time. Cette B12 6. User Contact Media. Enter the email address associated with your rmsothebys. Fill out your profile and receive emails about the types of cars and events you're interested in.

Вот почему BMW 7 серии 2001 года - лучший люксовый седан в истории

Personally tailored emails from RM Sotheby's are just a few clicks away. Log In. Lot Number. Catalogue View Lots. Share This. Chassis No. Offered from the Youngtimer Collection 6. Suggested lots. Fields are required.

bmw e38 alpina

Resend Verify Email. Reset Password. Forgot password? First Name. Last Name. Re-enter Email Address.The flagship represented an attractive evolution in design language of the prior E32 generation.

The new 7 was available with straight-sixV8 and V12 petrol and straight-six and V8 diesel engines. Inthe E38 was replaced by the E65 7 Series. The E38 was the first car available with curtain airbags. It was also the first European car to offer satellite navigation [1] and the first BMW to offer an in-built television.

The E38 was the first 7 Series to be available with a diesel engine. In earlydevelopment began on the third generation of the 7 Series. Wolfgang Reitzlewhen Boyke Boyer's concept design was chosen and further refined into production form. In Februarythe final production design for the new 7 Series was approved by the board 36 months ahead of scheduled start of production for February 17, Production started on July 23, on pilot production models and US specification variants on January 13,with series production commencing in April for June domestic German launch with the i and i.

The i production began in Novemberin advance of its January launch. Side tubular airbags called "Head Protection System" were fitted as standard equipment. Other equipment includes Electronic Damper Control called EDC IIIpower moonroof, rain-sensing wipers, dual zone climate controlelectric drivers seat adjustment and electric steering wheel adjustment.

Double glazed windows were available called "dual pane glass". The delamination occurred with the Protection SA option only, not with normal SA dual pane windows. The Sport Package included a sport steering wheel, sports seats, sports suspension, "shadowline" exterior trim and unique wood trim for the interior.

The in-car entertainment radio, audio system, satellite navigation, television and communications systems are part of an automotive communication system called I-bus. A "multi-function" steering wheel, with controls for the audio, phone, cruise control and air recirculation, [25] was standard equipment.

A 5-speed ZF 5HP automatic transmission was available on all models. In some markets, a 5-speed manual transmission was available for the tds, i, [28] i, [29] i [30] and a 6-speed for the i. From toBMW sold an extended wheelbase limousine model called the L7. The armoured "Protection Line" vehicles were built from — and were based on the iL and iL models.

The production of the hydrogen engine was integrated into the regular engine production at the Dingolfing plant. It differs from the conventional petrol engine essentially only in regards to the intake tract with additional injection valves for hydrogen. This is not used as a drive unit, but as an auxiliary power unit APU for power supply to the electrical system. During the Expo in Hanover the vehicles were used as shuttles.

The models for sale in the North America were the i, iL and iL, and production began in the second half of The iL was BMW's flagship vehicle[ citation needed ] with a 5. A long-wheelbase variant was available for all petrol models. The E38 facelift also known as Life-Cycle Impulse models were introduced in the model year produced from September The major changes are:. Even though it was the only featured car in the series to be replaced the following year, the E38 i featured in the BMW Film Ambush which was released in fall In the 18th James Bond feature film Tomorrow Never Diesthe sixteen E38 cars used during production were modified so they could be driven from the backseat, making it appear that Bond actor Pierce Brosnan was controlling the car using his mobile phone.

BMW received the rights to use movie clips from the film in its multimillion-dollar campaign, and during the holiday season they offered a special promotion that included the RC with the purchase of the iL.

Original ALPINA Parts - for 7 Series BMW

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 4 May They made our trip to Sweden effortless. We encountered passport problems at the start of our trip which resulted in a delay and Cecilia was able to rearrange everything for us. She went above and beyond in service to us. This is the only way to go and I would definitely use this service again.

ALPINA Automobiles based on BMW 5 Series

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bmw e38 alpina

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E38 Production Figures by Model

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