IPS define the support requirements best related to system design and to each other, develop and acquire the required support, provide required operational support at lowest cost, seek readiness and Life-Cycle Cost LCC improvements in the materiel system and support systems during the operational life cycle, and repeatedly examine support requirements throughout the service life of the system. These actions will enable the system to achieve the operational readiness levels required by the warfighter at the time of fielding and throughout the life cycle.

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Integrated Logistics Support Training | ILS Training

Design Interface : Design interface is the integration of the quantitative design characteristics of systems engineering reliability, maintainability, etc. Sustaining Engineering: Sustaining Engineering spans those technical tasks engineering and logistics investigations and analyses to ensure continued operation and maintenance of a system with managed i.

Support Equipment: Identify, plan, resource, and implement management actions to acquire and support the equipment mobile or fixed required to sustain the operation and maintenance of the system to ensure that the system is available to the Warfighter when it is needed at the lowest LCC. Training and Training Support: Plan, resource, and implement a cohesive integrated strategy to train military and civilian personnel to maximize the effectiveness of the doctrine, manpower and personnel to fight, operate, and maintain the equipment throughout the life cycle.

Computer Resources Support: Identify, plan, resource, and acquire facilities, hardware, software, documentation, manpower, and personnel necessary for planning and management of mission critical computer hardware and software systems. Facilities and Infrastructure: Identify, plan, resource, and acquire facilities to enable training, maintenance, and storage to maximize effectiveness of system operation and the logistic support system at the lowest LCC.

Identify and prepare plans for the acquisition of facilities to enable responsive support for the Warfighter.Comprehensive logistics supportability and sustainment planning for combat systems and equipment is an investment to ensure that our Soldiers receive warfighting capabilities that are reliable, maintainable, sustainable, and affordable. In the long run, these attributes enable commanders to sustain combat power in their warfighting platforms through improved materiel readiness.

Identifying and communicating key logistics supportability and sustainment requirements to system materiel developers program management teams early in the capability development process are critical to achieving systems that are fully supportable when they are fielded. This ultimately supports Department of Defense and Army goals for reducing total ownership cost and the logistics footprint while meeting operational and system readiness objectives and improving logistics standardization and interoperability.

To further emphasize the criticality of materiel readiness within system requirements, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction The KPP is supported by two key system attributes, materiel reliability and ownership cost.

These attributes tie readiness levels to resources and indepth logistics supportability and sustainment planning early in the system development process. The handbook uses the 10 ILS elementsā€”maintenance planning; manpower and personnel; supply support; support equipment; technical data; training and training support; computer resources support; facilities; packaging, handling, storage, and transportability; and design interfaceā€”as a template for developing supportability and sustainment capabilities.

The handbook is a great roadmap for taking us into the future. The logistics supportability handbook contains an overview of each of the 10 ILS elements and a descriptive sample paragraph to use in developing each supportability and sustainment requirement. Since the initial publication of the handbook, the depth and scope of logistics supportability and sustainment requirements have improved substantially. Logistics supportability and sustainment of combat platforms enable our operating forces to generate and sustain combat power.

army integrated logistics support

Defining support and sustainment requirements early in the system developmental process is essential to achieving materiel readiness goals throughout the life-cycle of a warfighting platform. The policies, goals, and objectives for improving system readiness are clear, and the TRADOC capability development community is at the forefront in effectively communicating them within capability documents. We need to continue to reinforce this process because it makes sense and benefits the Soldier and the taxpayer.

With well-conceived logistics supportability and sustainment structures, we can ensure that our Soldiers receive reliable, maintainable, sustainable, and affordable warfighting systems capable of out-performing any adversary on any battlefield. Support Starts Here! David B. Jump to top of page.Besson class logistics support vessels were escorted out of the U.

Central Command region in mid-July and early August as the missions in Iraq and Afghanistan are expected to taper off in the future, Army officials said. Army Central Command spokesman Maj. Fred Hair. The vessels departed Kuwait and are being brought home as part of a greater restructuring of forces in the Middle East.

Navy warships escorted the two logistics support vessels, the Major General Charles P. Loux LSV 6out of the region. Counterintuitively, the Army actually has more watercraft than the Navy, according to Army Central. For more newsletters click here.

During their 20 years in the Middle East, the two vessels were tasked with providing sustained logistical support in the littoral waters of the Persian Gulf, allowing the Navy to focus on maritime operations, Army Central added. Over their decades-long deployment, the Army vessels would transit the Gulf, delivering supplies to units in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates from their forward-deployed homeport in Kuwait.

Williams, and Stout, as well as patrol coastal ships and Mark VI patrol boats. The foot long Frank S. Besson class logistics support vessels have a payload of 2, tons and maintain a crew of approximately 6 officers and 24 soldiers.

The Army has eight of the vessels in its inventory, in addition to dozens of landing craft, tugs, ferries and barges, though there were discussions last year centered on divesting some watercraft systems from the Army Reserve.

Kyle is a staff reporter for Military Times, focusing on the U. Kyle Rempfer. Thanks for signing up! Fear of missing out? Thanks for signing up.Definition: Integrated Logistics Support ILS is the management and technical process through which supportability and logistic support considerations are integrated into the design of a system or equipment and taken into account throughout its life cycle.

It is the process by which all elements of logistic support are planned, acquired, tested, and provided in a timely and cost-effective manner [1]. Keywords: acquisition logistics, computer resources support, design interface, life-cycle cost, life-cycle logistics, maintenance planning, technical data. Supportability and life-cycle costs are generally driven by technical design that occurs during the development stage of the acquisition process.

The experience of the U. Department of Defense DoD has consistently shown that the last 5 percent increase in performance adds a disproportionate increase in life-cycle costs, generally due to the use of new and often unproven technologies and design, which drive up supportability costs.

This increase in costs is found regardless of the support plan organic or contractor support and is a significant cost factor in the total sustainment budget of government departments and agencies. They are expected to account for life-cycle logistics considerations as part of the systems engineering process.

However, life-cycle costs are increasingly driven by engineering considerations during the early stages of acquisition. As a consequence, there is an important cause-and-effect relationship between systems engineering and ILS that systems engineers need to be aware of and account for in their activities.

In addition to the general ILS best practices and lessons learned discussed below, this topic contains two articles. The Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability article system discusses best practices and lessons learned in developing design attributes that have significant impacts on the sustainment or total Life Cycle Costs LCC of a system.

The second article under this topic is an ILS subject of special interest. The Managing Energy Efficiency article discusses engineering considerations of conserving energy resources during production, operations, and disposal of systems.

Impacts include not just environmental concerns but also system performance parameters e. For example, engineering considerations of data centers are increasingly focused on technical issues and cost concerns of the energy needed to run them.

As the primary end item, support equipment, and training devices all increase in complexity, more and more software is being used. The expense associated with the design and maintenance of software programs is so high that one cannot afford to poorly manage this process. It is critical to establish some form of computer resource working group to accomplish the necessary planning and management of computer resources support [2].

The Impact of Maintenance Planning : Maintenance planning establishes maintenance concepts and requirements for the life of the system. It includes, but is not limited to:.

army integrated logistics support

This element has a great impact on the planning, development, and acquisition of other logistics support elements. Taken together, these items constitute a substantial portion of the recurring cost and therefore life-cycle cost of a procurement. Another factor related to this, and one that should be seriously considered, is energy use and efficiency. The rising cost of energy and its proportion within the overall recurring cost should be managed proactively refer to the article on Managing Energy Efficiency within this section of the Guide.

Early Consideration of Manpower Requirements: Manpower and personnel involves the identification and acquisition of personnel military and civilian who have the skills and grades required to operate, maintain, and support systems over their lifetime.

Early identification is essential.Integrated logistic support ILS is a technology in the system engineering to lower a product life cycle cost and decrease demand for logistics by the maintenance system optimization to ease the product support.

Although originally developed for military purposes, it is also widely used in commercial customer service organisations. In general, ILS plans and directs the identification and development of logistics support and system requirements for military systems, with the goal of creating systems that last longer and require less support, thereby reducing costs and increasing return on investments.

ILS therefore addresses these aspects of supportability not only during acquisition, but also throughout the operational life cycle of the system. ILS is the integrated planning and action of a number of disciplines in concert with one another to assure system availability.

The planning of each element of ILS is ideally developed in coordination with the system engineering effort and with each other. Tradeoffs may be required between elements in order to acquire a system that is: affordable lowest life cycle costoperable, supportable, sustainable, transportable, and environmentally sound. In some cases, a deliberate process of Logistics Support Analysis will be used to identify tasks within each logistics support element.

ILS planning activities coincide with development of the system acquisition strategy, and the program will be tailored accordingly. A properly executed ILS strategy will ensure that the requirements for each of the elements of ILS are properly planned, resourced, and implemented.

These actions will enable the system to achieve the operational readiness levels required by the warfighter at the time of fielding and throughout the life cycle. It is considered common practice within some industries - primarily Defence - for ILS practitioners to take a leave of absence to undertake an ILS Sabbatical ; furthering their knowledge of the logistics engineering disciplines. ILS Sabbaticals are normally taken in developing nations - allowing the practitioner an insight into sustainment practices in an environment of limited materiel resources.

ILS is a technique introduced by the US Army to ensure that the supportability of an equipment item is considered during its design and development. The ILS management process facilitates specification, design, development, acquisition, test, fielding, and support of systems.

Maintenance planning begins early in the acquisition process with development of the maintenance concept. It is conducted to evolve and establish requirements and tasks to be accomplished for achieving, restoring, and maintaining the operational capability for the life of the system. Maintenance planning will:.

Supply support encompasses all management actions, procedures, and techniques used to determine requirements to:. Support and test equipment includes all equipment, mobile and fixed, that is required to perform the support functions, except that equipment which is an integral part of the system. Support equipment categories include:. Manpower and personnel involves identification and acquisition of personnel with skills and grades required to operate and maintain a system over its lifetime.

Manpower requirements are developed and personnel assignments are made to meet support demands throughout the life cycle of the system.

Manpower requirements are based on related ILS elements and other considerations. Human factors engineering HFE or behavioral research is frequently applied to ensure a good man-machine interface.

Manpower requirements are predicated on accomplishing the logistics support mission in the most efficient and economical way. This element includes requirements during the planning and decision process to optimize numbers, skills, and positions.

This area considers:.Integrated logistics support, or ILS, is an approach to managing military logistics, similar to customer service or commercial product support organizations.

The goal of the ILS system is to create longer-lasting systems, which reduce costs by requiring less support and ultimately increase investment returns.

army integrated logistics support

There are 10 basic elements to the ILS logistics support system. Technical data consists of technical or scientific information or publications such as engineering drawings or maintainer and operator manuals and other documents necessary to support, maintain and operate the system.

The personnel element identifies and acquires personnel, both civilian and military, with the grades and skills required to operate, support and maintain the system throughout its lifetime, at wartime and peacetime rates based on related considerations and other ILS elements.

The facilities element includes in-depth planning conducted for procuring the semi-permanent, permanent or temporary property assets necessary to support the system. This includes locations, utilities, real restate requirements, space needs, equipment and environmental requirements. An important element of logistics is to identify all resources, procedures, processes, methods and design considerations to ensure all equipment, support items and systems are properly preserved, handled, packaged and transported correctly.

This includes considering preservation requirements, transportability, short-term storage and environmental aspects. The training element implements an active training program for civilians, reserve and active-duty personnel on the procedures, techniques, processes, equipment and training devices used to install, support and operate the system.

The Art Of DoD Logistics

This includes crew and individual training, logistics support planning and new equipment training. The equipment design element consists of logistics-related design parameters such as availability human factors, survivability and reliability, meeting the resource requirements to minimize support and maximize readiness.

The computer resources element includes identifying the facilities, software, hardware, manpower, support tools, software development, documentation and personnel necessary to support and operate the computer software within the system. Maintenance planning and analysis establishes all required elements of repair and maintenance support capabilities for restoring and maintaining the operational equipment.

This ensures all equipment achieves the capability to perform its operational mission for the life of the system. The supplies element consists of identifying all management actions, techniques and procedures necessary to acquire, store, issue and dispose of secondary items.

This includes provisioning for initial support and procuring and replenishing inventory parts and spares.

Integrated logistics support

The support equipment element consists of identifying all fixed or mobile equipment necessary for performing support functions, maintenance and operation of the system. This includes maintenance equipment, automatic test equipment, calibration equipment and other measuring devices.

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army integrated logistics support

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